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2 min readOct 25, 2020

Dear Reader,

This is the fourth Sunday of the month and so, I will be giving a review of the posts I have written for this month. I will be limiting myself to the most important Court Orders, Government Orders and Foreign Government Orders.

Court Order:

Ashish Pratap Singh vs. State of M.P.

The Madhya Pradesh High Court on the 9th of October directed the law enforcement agencies of the state to ensure that the Covid-19 protocol is followed to the hilt and that nobody howsoever powerful be exempt from it.

The Court observed that due to a bye-election to a legislative assembly, there have been congregations and breaches of the protocol (which bans mass congregations), including by politicians. The Court held that politicians too are bound by the Covid-19 protocol.

This is a Left-wing, Authoritarian Order.

Government Order:

Government Offices Resume Work

The government has ordered all government servants to resume work in offices. The order also states that social distancing should be followed strictly.

This is a Right-wing, Authoritarian Order.

German (Foreign) Government Order:

Institutional Racism Commission

The Interior Ministry of Germany on Tuesday the 20th, said that the government will commission a study of institutional racism in society. The immediate cause of this was a series of scandals in which police officers were found to be harbouring far-right sentiments.

This study will include a component specifically examining racism in the police.

This is a Left-wing, partly Authoritarian and partly Libertarian Order.


The most important Court Order was Left-wing and Authoritarian. The most important Government Order was Right-wing and Authoritarian. The most important Foreign Government Order was Left-wing and partly Authoritarian and partly Libertarian.

Therefore all of the most important judicial and government decisions this month were Authoritarian in nature with an equal variance between the Left and Right wings.

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