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3 min readMar 24, 2019


Dear Reader,

In this post, I will explain the contents that will make up my blog.

My blog will be an analysis of the three branches of the government and international relations. I will study these subjects from the point of view of each part of the political compass, the authoritarian, the left, the libertarian the right and the centre.

My analysis will consist of my own opinion or the opinions of commentators or both. The analysis will be done from each political perspective. Although I may not agree with the perspective from one of the ideologies, I will give my opinion as if I did.

At the end of the analysis from each perspective, I will give my own, genuine opinion.

I will be posting every Sunday in a month. And on the last Saturday of the month. The first 3 Sundays will be focused on India and the last weekend will be focused on the world.

On the first Sunday, I will write about Legislation.

This will include legislation from the Parliament, the Legislative Assemblies or both. I will study two Acts and one Bill from either one or both of them.

I will cover legislation on foreign policy, defence, the economy, health, education, law and order, and the environment.

On the second Sunday, I will write about the Judiciary.

This will include the Supreme Court, the High Courts, or both. I will study two judgements and one order from either one or both of them.

I will cover constitutional law, penal law, commercial law, family law, health law, educational law and environmental law.

On the third Sunday, I will write about the Executive.

This will include the Union and State Governments or both. I will study two policies promulgated and one rule from either one or both of them.

I will cover foreign policy, national security, the economy, law and order, education, health and the environment.

On the fourth Saturday, I will write about the governments of Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, the United States of America, Israel or South Africa or the United Nations.

I will include one policy from the Governments or the UN or both.

I will cover foreign policy, the economy, security (national and international), health, education and ecology (national and international)

On the fourth Sunday, I will give a summary of all of the previous posts of the month. I will analyse the cumulative impact of what are in my opinion the most important Acts, Bills, Judgements, Orders, Policies and Actions on India and the world.

My intention behind writing all of this is to educate both myself and the reader of what is going on around us. These are the things that actually make a difference in people’s lives, not the things that the mainstream media reports which are mostly controversies and gossip.

Thank You For Reading



360 Degrees

This is a blog titled 360 Degrees. It examines the legislative, legal and political issues of the day from all perspectives of the political compass.