360 Degrees
1 min readMar 18, 2019

Dear Reader,

This is a blog titled 360 Degrees. It is called this because in it I will analyse issues from all sides of the political spectrum. The left, the right, the authoritarian, libertarian and centrist sides.

I believe that each side has a valuable perspective and that the only way we can understand important political, social, economic and legal issues is by studying all the perspectives. I don’t believe that any side has all of the answers on all issues.

In today’s polarised climate everybody has gotten into their own echo-chambers and are blindly believing people who espouse the same viewpoints and are not willing to listen to opposing viewpoints.

With this blog, I intend to bring people from across the political spectrum together in order to engage with each other.

It is necessary for me to say that I myself have a bias as well. I am a right-wing libertarian. I will try my best to not let my bias affect my analysis. However, if I do, please inform me and I will correct myself. I will also be happy to correct any other mistakes that I make.

This is merely my humble effort to improve the conversations we are having today.

I will elaborate on the contents of my blog in my next post.

Thank You For Reading



360 Degrees

This is a blog titled 360 Degrees. It examines the legislative, legal and political issues of the day from all perspectives of the political compass.